Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Myth # 77: The Beat

Dancing. Some people like it, some love it. But let's get something straight: Not everybody who likes to dance has the ability to dance. And just because someone is bi-racial doesn't mean they know how to dance, or as the title suggests, can stay on beat. (And by beat, I mean dancing on the 2 &4 and NOT the 1 & 3, thank you).

I'll never forget venturing to Maine when I was 12 to visit my real dad. He had another family which included two other bi-racial step-daughters. One day we went to a community recreation center where a small party was happening. They brought in a DJ and everything! As the group of middle schoolers started dancing, I glanced at my younger step-sister and I nearly died laughing. At that time, while the rest of the world was doing the bumb-n-grind and butterfly, she was stuck in the era of MC Hammer. As if that wasn't bad enough, this girl had NO rhythm; no ability to stay on beat!! I shook my head and couldn't stop laughing. She just kept dancing the afternoon away. Did she like dancing? YES! Could she dance? NO!

There is a common myth that all black people and bi-racial folks can dance. It is a myth for a reason.

Dancing Circles around you,

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