Monday, August 4, 2008

#16 HEY, You Look Like _______

(A JAM C)  I can't count how many people I have been compared to.  Us biracial people have a wide range of look-a-likes.  Native American, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Black, sometimes even Asian.  I have been said to look like so many people, and when they're good looking, I love it.  Can I get a witness from my biracial brethren.

The reason why we like this is the same reason why any person would like to be compared to people who are famous.  If they're good looking, does that mean you think we're good looking too?  For instance, if I tell a girl that she looks like a current or ex-girlfriend, that probably means I find her physically attractive.  Why wouldn't that apply to famous people as well?  You think I look like The Rock?  Thank you!  The Rock is a beast, and in my opinion he's a good looking man.

Some of my favorite comparisons (in no particular order):

1. Will Smith (actor/"rapper")
2. Albert Pujols (baseball player)
3. Jerome Iginla (hockey player)
4. The Rock (wrestler/"actor")
5. Daunte Cullpepper (football player)
6. Chico Debarge (singer)
7. Don Omar (rapper)

All of these men are at least decently good looking in my opinion, so thank you.  Please, think of as many people as possible who have light brown skin and share some similar features as I do.  Please don't say that I look like Patrick Ewing though.  Ew.

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