Monday, July 28, 2008

#14 Rick Astley

I'll never forget riding down High St. in my mom's old Toyota on summer day when I was 7. The weather was nice, the windows were rolled down and my mom was blasting 97.9 at the time.
I'll never forget this day, as it was the first day I ever heard Rick Astley. Remember him? He sang such hits as, "Never gonna give you up", "Together Forever", and "Cry for Help".
On that particular summer day, "Never gonna give you up" came on. I kid you not, like most people, mulatto's included, when I first heard Rick Astley sing that day, I could have sworn he was a 6 foot tall, big black man with huge hands.
Later, once again to my shock and amazement, I found out that Rick Astley was not at all a 6 foot tall, big black man with huge hands, but rather a short, red-headed, small handed man from England.
If the soulful voice didn't captivate you, than surely his one and only dance move with the occasional hip and shoulder gyration, did.
We, the mulatto's of the world, tip our hats to you, Rick Astley, for fooling us to believe you were a big black man. And to our delight, feel in love with that voice.
Rick Rolled, Janara aka IRK

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