Saturday, July 12, 2008

#4 The Color Pink

Barbie may have traveled around a child's bedroom in her pink corvette; little girls may have fought over a pair of pink jellie shoes; boys may have swore that the color pink was only for girls. Regardless, there comes a time in every Mulatto's life when they realize they not only like the color pink, but they look good in it too.

Why, you ask?

There is something about the combination of skin complexion with the color pink that just works. For men: Pink collar shirts and hats; maybe a man purse or capri pants if they are secure in their manhood. For women: Pink skirts, handbags, shoes, etc.

When I was a little girl, all my girlfriends LOVED the color pink in it's various shades. I've always been a person to go against the norm, so at a young age, i vowed to NEVER like the color pink and devote my aesthetic pleasures to the color green.

However, by the time I reached college, the suppression could last no longer! Almost overnight, the color Pink was no longer a color I only wore on Valentines Day. Skirts: Pink. Old Navy Shirts: Pink. Lip gloss: Pink. Underware: you get the point. I finally realized that no matter what tone my skin was (I turn virtually white in the winter--just check out my thigh sometime), the color pink looked good on me.

So it is with most, if not all biracial people.

Other colors that biracial people look good in: Tahiti and baby blue, yellow, olive green, maroon.

Pinkified, Janara aka House Negro

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