Friday, July 11, 2008

#2 Black Men (girls)

(A JAM C) As I said in the previous post, my sister is going to marry a black man next May.  Unlike my brothers' dating preferences, my sister has had more diverse boyfriends.  She has dated white men, black men, biracial men.  Her daughter actually has a white father.  So why do biracial women prefer black men?  Well, it probably isn't as one-sided as it is for biracial men, but once again, I think it goes back to the parents.  Dad is (usually) black, and if he was a good father, then you would probably want somebody similar to him.

There may be a few other things deeper down.  For instance, white men could have the same intimidation factor towards biracial women that I talked about in my first post.  Maybe it has to do with the white men more than it does the biracial women.  I don't know.  From my observances though, I would say that MB&W women have a slight preference towards black men.  Maybe I'll get my sister on here for more of her thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I am biracial (black and white). I think Puerto Ricans are the sexiest men, but there is no preference.
My boyfriend history:
2-Puerto Rican