Friday, July 18, 2008

#8 Milli Vanilli

Hear me out on this one.

Two black guys from Germany and France... the land of half of your ancestry.  One of those guys looks like he's biracial.  His skin is medium toned, and he has light colored eyes.  His dad is black, and his mom is European.  They're hot, and they're on top of the world.  Not only do they have three singles that topped the charts, but they just won a grammy for best new artist.  What biracial person wouldn't have absolutely fallen in love with Milli Vanilli?!

Okay, so they were revealed as frauds, and they never actually sang any of their hit songs.  I still have love for them 18 years later.  A few years afterwards, they came out with their own songs, and you know what?  They sounded pretty good.

After thinking about it, they definitely could have sung their own songs on that album that brought them to stardom.  I mean, just listen to their hit song "Girl You Know It's True."  Anyone could have sung that song, and it would have sounded good.  Their other songs were very similar, and if they came out with an album where they actually sang, and they managed to sound good, they would have been fine.

I'm sure that I'm not very convincing right now.  That's okay.  Maybe this entry should be titled "stuff biracial people should like."  That's much more appropriate.

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