Thursday, July 24, 2008

#7 Revisited - How I Acted More Black

(A JAM C) A few days ago, I went to Blockbuster Video.  I had no idea what I wanted to watch, but I just had the itch.  I'm a movie guy, and even though it is a bad thing sometimes, I just love to watch movies to break away from life.  Anyway, as I pulled up to the store, I saw this pimped out escalade... I mean, this thing was hot!  It had multiple flat screen TV's, including a huge TV in the trunk.  It had brand new shiny spinners.  It was painted in such a way that from one angle, it looked like it was green and from another angle, it looked like it was purple.

My favorite part about it though was the doors.  It had those Lamborghini doors that don't open the regular way, but they opened upwards.  This thing was hot, and I wanted to get a good look at it.  Of course, there was a large group of black guys around it.  I think there was one white guy, but he was standing next to his bike, so I don't think he was a part of the group.  So yeah, I purposely parked as close to the pimped out Escalade as I could, and I slowly walked by, hoping that someone would notice me checking out their ride.  

As soon as one of the guys glanced at me I said "hey man, did you guys get that on Pimp My Ride?"  He had no idea since it wasn't his car, but as soon as I asked that question another guy came up, and so I had to ask the question again.  As soon as I asked it, he got this grin on his face and said "nah man."  Feeling awkward, I decided to just go into Blockbuster, and as I was walking, I glanced over my shoulder to see the guy whisper in the ear of his friend while pointing at me.  I smiled and gave them a little wave, but inside I felt like a moron.

But hey, I'm just a product of my upbringing, and I'm living proof that acting more black around black people is "in" for us mulattos.


Anonymous said...

It's called chameleon paint. Lol I can imagine you giving the wave. BTW, 2 of the anon posts have been by me (being seen as black, and the music post.) This is the third.


A Jam C said...

Cool, thanks for the comments! Maybe you should go by a nickname, so we know that it is you. I'd definitely appreciate it.

Anonymous said... know me. Just remember the old neighborhood.