Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SBPL Myth #2 All Biracial kids are related.

We are all familiar with the typical spiritual phrase "We are all God's children; we are all brothers and sisters". You don't have to believe in Jesus or have gone to Sunday school to hear it.

Whether you actually believe that or not, I'm here to set the record straight: Not all biracial kids are related to each other.

In elementary school, middle school AND high school, I cannot tell you how often I was asked, "Is Myke your brother? Are you related to BJ, Erin, Brandon, Joel AND Davante?"

It didn't matter that all those people were the same age as I was and in the same grade. We were all biracial, so OF COURSE we all came from the same mother and father.

Reader, I must admit, it used to bother me in middle school. But then I started to give into it in high school. Why get mad? Let's just be super satirical! If you have ever been around me for 1 second and have encountered me coming across another biracial person, you've heard me call them my kin. In fact, Alex (AjamC) is my brother. Does it matter that he has less negro hair that I do? Does it matter that my nose is wider and his lips are thicker? Does it matter that our birthday's are only a month apart? HEY! Does it matter that we have totally different parents? Apparently not.

I'd like to take this time to thank all the ignorant people of the world for their humorous misconceptions. You've given me a good laugh since 1996 and it just keeps going.

An only child, Janara aka Carmel Delight

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